Local Business Marketing Strategy

By | August 12, 2018

When it comes to a business, it becomes extremely important for you to know how to sell your product. In the business world, it is called marketing. Marketing can be of many types and it depends on the various factors like the very first thing is the type of business, the platform for the marketing, the audience, budget, and most important of all the key point/ the content. Content is the key because it can make or break a business. All the viral videos or post in social media is the result of a good content which added a value to the people watching the ads.

local business strategy

Below are mentioned some psychological influence you can use to target your audience the right way-

Emotional psychology

 The most famous viral ads by Samsung is “Behta Chala”. It does not need an introduction, you already listening to the song in your head. This emotional influence makes the customer attach to the product and brand and make the customer loyal.

Behavior psychology

Let’s agree we all are slaves to our behaviors. We often make the same moment when we see a familiar environment and the repetition of that behavior for a long period of time with consistency creates a habit. If your product can create a habit in the customer then the customers will be slaves to your brand. It might sound a little sadistic but that’s how the whole alcohol, tobacco and cigarette industry works. If you can influence someone on such a deep level then you can sell your product for a lifetime.

Extra-Ordinary Experience

Every human has a tendency to fall for the things that create a special experience in some way. You yourself know why you dine out with your friends or family in a certain place. You become a regular customer at your local coffee shop. This actually has to do with the above-mentioned terms but this can be very crucial as people remember how you make them feel not what you said.

After knowing how to influence people you should know where to influence people-

Local Listing

Local listing is a platform that offers you to target your customer within your area. There is local listing that helps the potential customer to figure out about the service they can experience from other customers by reading the reviews and utilizing the information the business provides. Some of the best local listing websites are- Google My Business, Just Dial, Sulekha, Trade India etc. You can also hire agencies for promoting local business listing in Google.

Get a Website

You must have seen that different people have a different way of approaching you. Few Some people like patienceful communication thru email, others may directly make and call and start bargaining but what exactly they want to know is products /services you are offering, and your credentials. A website is the best way to let audience choose what they want to see and when they want to see. Make an appealing website according to nature of business which could give them best user experience and information about you and your offering. Search a local website designing company and do not forget to check their work portfolio before getting a detailed quote. Get static website developed if you think your products/services will not be changed frequently, else go for CMS based website. Make sure the website is fully responsive and optimized for search engine.

Local Audience Targeting Using SEM

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. This is a form of internet marketing that uses search results to promote the website by increasing the visibility factor of the business. Social media is a huge influence on people lives so using social media to promote your content can increase your sales by huge numbers.

Google Adword

Google Adword reaches about 80% of the all global internet users. This becomes extremely important for the business to invest their energy in such a platform that offers such a huge penetration in the market. Almost everyone uses the internet to search for some information product etc. Google Adwords works in a special algorithm that enables the visitors of any website to look at your ads. The continuous display of ads influences the customer to click and buy the product or service.

Local Events

Local Events can be used to market your business. This increases the brand awareness and increases the foot traffic and creates a valuable connection among the local people. This creates a positive influence amongst the people.

Email Marketing

E-Mail marketing is a traditional way of marketing along with Tele-Marketing. In this strategy, the business sends a bulk commercial message to many people on their emails. The email data is easily available in the market. This data can be utilized with a dynamic content to increase the conversion rate.


Cold calling is a local term used for this marketing strategy. Business calling to sell a product is a common thing. You must have experienced this some point of your life. There are a lot of people who can be influenced by just a call and can set up a meeting in that regards. Many events are actually organized to collect data to be utilized for this strategy. Alternatively, you can even buy this data from the market.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the same as the Tele-Marketing but in a text format. This text helps the customer to know the details of the business like contact number, website, email id etc.


Marketing strategy constantly evolves and requires adapting in accordance to the market condition especially when local business are moving online. The above mention strategies can help you with increasing the brand awareness and the brand value as both of these are essential in making a business. A business can achieve a tremendous level of success if you plan a strategy which is subject to the market needs.