Billing Solution

We have comprehensive Billing Solutions for any kind of organization i.e. Manufacturer, Importer/Exporter, Retailers and Job Work.

GST-ready, highly secure and easy to use official accounting software is best alternate to pen-paper entry and provides more crystal clear visibility of various accounting and billing records.


  • GST-ready Billing Software
  • Cost-effective, easily affordable bookkeeping software
  • Reduces the paper work documentation and increases the business profit.
  • Facilitate data connectivity for accessing records via LAN.
  • Easy to use small business accounting software.

Our Software's dynamic features enable you to add extra fields for clients detail and Extra Columns for Items details with live linking and formula etc. to cater your growing needs. Feature like customize specification for each client (Ledger Account) you can automate your billing system so that minimum data entry required. Further integrating Bar Code with you inventory one can eliminates the manual work by fetching the product information automatically.

With our Billing Software, you can expect following reports

  • Account Ledger.
  • Sale Registers.
  • C-Form Receivable.
  • Duties wise Sale Reports.
  • CST Reports.
  • Inventory Ledger.
  • Sales-men wise Sale Report.
  • Annual Sale/Purchase Chart (Month wise Party/Item wise).

Our clients endorse the credibility of our product. Our Billing solution starting from Rs. 10,000/-

Inventory Management

Inventory management software helps create Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipt Notes, Issue Challan, Payment, Receipts and can print Bar Coded Labels. An inventory management software system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will control operating costs and provide better understanding.

Our Inventory Management Software includes following modules:


  • Items Creation
  • BarCode Setup & Label Printing
  • Accounts (Party) Creation
  • Stock Groups/Categories
  • Price & Discount List
  • BoM (in case of production)
  • Bill Sundry, ST Forms ect.


  • Invoice (Sale Voucher)
  • Sale Return Voucher
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Voucher
  • Purchase Return Voucher
  • Receipt Note (Receipt Challan)
  • Issue Note (Delivery Challan)
  • Production Voucher
  • Physical Stock Verificaton
  • Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Debit & Credit Notes

you can have multiple vouchers of same type (i.e. one Receipt Note for Purchase, One Receipt Note for Job-work and One Receipt Note for Production and so on)


  • Daily Incoming and Outgoing Material
  • Sales/Sale Return/Purchase/Purchase Return Register
  • Stock Register (Group wise/All)
  • Item wise Stock
  • Annual Sale/Purchase Chart
  • Item Below Reorder Level
  • Inventory Ledger
  • Account Ledger
  • VAT Reports
  • Excise Reports (RG Register etc.)
  • Agent wise Sale
  • Agent wise outstanding Report
  • Sales-men Sale
  • Customize Query Based Reports

Inventory Management Software's include all the features of Billing Solutions + Above.

Accounts & Inventory Management

Accounting and Inventory are integral parts of an Organization. To get complete control and better understanding there must be integrated software system. Dedicated and determined to provide cost competitive Accounting & Inventory management Solution to our customers, we assist them in proper adoption and usage of technology that can enhance their business processes.

Accounts & Inventory Management Software's include all the features of Billing Solutions + Inventory Management + Total finacial Accouning

Payroll Solution

Whether an enterprise is small or large, or in a phase of expansion, lot of data pertaining to Human Resource and payroll is generated. It is a herculean task to manage such abundant information and database. Hence, we have come up with an ideal solution for handling your payroll management related needs and issues by introducing our payroll software.

Our Payroll Software includes following modules:

  • User-definable pay roll parameters, to enable the pay-roll administrators to define on their own the earnings/deductions/taxes/provident fund/insurance and any other parameters that will impact the salary of an employee. This feature removes the worry of updating the software with ever changing parameters and addition of new parameters in the due course of time.
  • Formula Definition to establish relationships among the parameters with simple arithmetic operators.
  • Management of arrears, advances, loans, Increments etc.
  • Maintain and calculate records of attendance, salary, leaves, PF, ESI, LTC, advances, loans, medical, bonus and arrear. Attendance automation can be provided with card recognition systems, thumb sensors etc.
  • Printable outputs at various levels for different custom purposes.
  • Standard reports for the Pay-Roll.

Attendance Sub- Module:

  • Automatic employee In and Out capturing from the instruments, as the basis for attendance setup.
  • Verification of attendance and correction, department wise.
  • Absentees listing.
  • Attendance policy.
  • Latecomers report.
  • In and Out times tracking, generation of related analysis, at employee level and at department level.
  • Customer specified reports, within the data structure available.
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