Why Test Website in Google PageSpeed Insights?

A Website’s performance must be tested on a regular basis for speed, loading time, performance and other important web page analytic parameters. Use of analytic tools is a mandatory requirement for a healthy website maintenance. Google PageSpeed is a basic tool which helps one scale the webpage’s performance in terms of loading times for the… Read More »

When is the Right Time to Redesign Your Website

Website design is a continuous job which requires inputs from the user online habits, technology upgrades, business improvement, etc. Hence, the website redesign phase is more or less a part of the web design cycle, executed throughout its life cycle. In the era of online business overshadowing the offline business, the need for redesigning must… Read More »

What Color Should I Use for My Logo

Company logos can make or break a brand recognition. There is a relation between the color of the logos and its success in establishing a connection with its viewers. Research tells us that a person is bound to make a subconscious decision within two minutes of viewing an environment or surrounding or a product or… Read More »

Include Schema to Highlight Right Information

The result of the combined initiatives by popular search engine giants like the Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex is, schema.org. It contains a set of vocabulary which helps build a common framework for reusing applications and data across boundaries. In short, the common vocabulary usage across the web pages helps in easier data exchange and… Read More »

Local Business in India? Your Time Starts Now

With Digital India taking shape, small businesses are taking the online route to, selling their products and services. The e-commerce platform offers many uses to the small time retail businesses. The plain advantage of going online is the widened reach of the business. Selling on a global platform is easier when a business goes online.… Read More »

5 Reasons- Why Content Matters

Content which is used to communicate with a probable customer plays an important role in the success of a marketing strategy. This content must be, relevant, able to connect with the reader and be engaging in order to promote customer advocacy. The important pointer to remember during content creation is to add value to the… Read More »