How to Engage Your Social Media Followers

Social Media started with an idea to connect two people through a medium of internet regardless of the distance. This idea of connecting people evolved and transformed into what we now see as a backbone of the internet world. Every person who has an access to the internet has an account with some kind of… Read More »

Social Media and Its Impact on Business

Social Media is a medium through which people connect and share content with each other. This content can be anything like a written post, an image, or a video. Over the years the business has changed tremendously in their operation and promotion. Social media happens to be one of them. Now every business has some… Read More »

How to Never Get Penalized by Google

There is one thigh that most SEO ignores and that is the most important part for ranking higher in the searches. That thing is ‘User-Oriented Signals’. Now, what do you mean by User-Oriented Signals? The user-oriented signals are the signals you get when you analyze your data that you get from your website analytics. Google… Read More »

How online platforms help you to sell a product?

The online platform is a now becoming a new trend from where you buy your daily needs. This marketplace has evolved ever since its existence. In India, there are 120 million people who will shop online this year. According to ASSOCHAM- Resurgent Joint Study, the total sales in India will likely to increase from the… Read More »

What is SEO and How it works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of driving an organic traffic from a search engine to your website by using the various method of SEO. A search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing have a predetermined set of algorithms that a website has to follow in order to rank their website higher than another… Read More »

Why SSL is important?

User data protection is the responsibility of a website owner. 68% of internet users agree that the laws for protecting their rights are not good enough. Cybercrime is the very serious issue people are facing these days. It becomes very common to fall into the trap of a scammer and data leak. Such data leaks… Read More »

Preparation Before Getting E-commerce Website

Starting an online business require a lot of planning. It is a hard work and requires a lot of patience. Online business requires a lot than what you see on the surface as it has deep and complex processes. There are always ways of making the process smooth and easy going. Research Researching about the… Read More »

Why Your Business Need an App?

Emerging smartphone users are driving the global application market. The mobile phone is no longer an ordinary device used for just making calls. They are used for our everyday activity like buying things, reading, clicking a photograph, chatting etc. modern smartphone is very powerful when it comes to features it offers. In this era of… Read More »

Local Business Marketing Strategy

When it comes to a business, it becomes extremely important for you to know how to sell your product. In the business world, it is called marketing. Marketing can be of many types and it depends on the various factors like the very first thing is the type of business, the platform for the marketing,… Read More »

What is Payment Gateway and How it Works?

Payments gateway is a bridge through which we transfer our money from our account to the company account when we are buying a service or a product of that company. Payment gateway often consists of multi-level encryption that prevents any third party to participate in the transaction process. Payment Gateway is a third party application… Read More »