How SEO has Evolved

By | December 18, 2018

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that literally means improving a website for a search engine. Theuse of the term SEO becomes popular at the beginning of the 20thcentury with the introduction of the search engines. Search Engines is thecatalog of links of the websites that are indexed in order to make the websiteaccessible to the users.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a catalog or a knowledge bank where all the websites are listed to make the website accessible to the general people. The Search engine works on the query asked to it meaning the search engine will try to locate that website which is best suited to your query.  When a website is website is listed in the search engine then the Search engine sends spiders to the website where it crawls the websites page along with the links in it and keeps an index page.

How SEO changed over time

Content Relevancy

Previously optimizing your website with relevant keywords with meta tags, Description etc would make a website rank higher in the search results but as the time passed Google started giving more value to the content of the website rather than its optimization, it is still a very important part but ultimately content is what outweighs all other factors.

Knowledge Graph

A search engine like Google is a big knowledge center for everyone who has a query to solve by searching on Google. With the advancement of the search algorithm, the search engine optimization inclined more toward the knowledge of the content rather than the query meaning Google will result in that website who solves the query of the user instead of the answering the query itself.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an SEO based on the location that facilitates you by finding the services that are nearest to you. Majority of businesses uses this to make clients in the local market. With the introduction of a new tool “Google My Business”, Google provided a new search platform that solely based on the local searches which totally works on the location wise searches. This platform is integrated with the Search Result to further make the use the best information user needs.


Penguin and panda update finished the use of Keyword stuffing that affected many websites. But the update in the year 2013 called Hummingbird update stopped the practice of this altogether. According to this update, user intent is more important to the search engine that the keyword itself. Earlier the websites were optimized based on the keyword optimization which later on changed to the user-centric optimization.

Introduction to Search Snippets

Search Snippets is the descriptive part of the search engine, Search Snippets provides relevant evidence of how important content is for the website. Search snippets are the descriptive part of the searches that summarizes the best and relevant content to the users.


Search Engines like Google is a welldesigned and best algorithm that uses many different factors to rank a websitehigh in the searches. With the evolution of the website technology andintroduction to the machine learning as well a smart AI technology, the searchengine is able to combine an algorithm that is pretty accurate on solving thequery of the user. Google constantly updates their algorithm to make the bestuse of the latest technology and to provide the users with the most relevantcontent that the user is indented for. So when you should consider changing your SEO strategies and hire a digital marketing company that uses latest techniques.