5 Reasons- Why Content Matters

By | June 1, 2016

content marketing

Content which is used to communicate with a probable customer plays an important role in the success of a marketing strategy. This content must be, relevant, able to connect with the reader and be engaging in order to promote customer advocacy. The important pointer to remember during content creation is to add value to the conversation noted on the social media platform without unnecessary repetitions. Tools to listen to the conversation are an important necessity to arrive at a well planned social broadcast content which connects with the reader and opens up numerous sale oriented possibilities. Listed below are top five reasons which stress upon the need for impressive and value oriented content.

  1. Value to the conversation: The listening tools employed on the social media platform play an important role in customising the marketing content. The tools help identify conversations involving a brand or a product. In order for the content, to make an impression on the user, it must be seen/read/heard at least five times according to, Edelman Trust Barometer. Hence, it is necessary to approach the user from the various online platforms for communication. This makes it necessary that the content is a continuation of the conversation being held. It needs to demarcate itself from the clutter of content that is showcased to the user and build upon the user need or demand. In order to add value to the conversation, the content must be relevant and useful to the participating users. The relevance is achieved in showcasing the advisory content which solves a user problem or guides the user to employ necessary approach.
  1. Boosts SEO (search engine optimization): The content which pertains to a user query and the user conversation is bound to contain the necessary search keywords. Hence, the search engine optimization is automatically achieved when relevant content is devised, as the search keywords are inherently present in the content. Ensuring that the content is fresh and original helps make the websites visible to the search engine bots. A thin content may attract penalization or cause the absence of the website for the search listings. To avoid this, the content must make intelligent use of the search phrases which are popularly typed on the search engines without losing relevance with the user.
  1. People Love to Listen Deep Talks & Facts from Experts: Sometimes, having impressive content on the website is not sufficient to engage the visitor, a video which connects, interacts and gives the expert advice cleverly is required, to retain the visitor population on the website. Expert comments and views are always welcomed by online visitors. This type of content which showcases such comments and views of the experts in their respective field is suitable for the landing pages. The landing pages must have engaging content in order to retain the online visitor. Deep talks are a good way to engage and open dialogue of communication with, the interested viewers. Hence, the authenticity of the content plays an important role in engaging the online visitor. The industry knowledge, expertise and the experience of the person giving the expert comment need to be authenticated and recognised easily for making the visitor watch the talk or video.
  1. More Engaging Content, Less Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is a measure of the number of visitors who browsed the landing page of the website and then navigated away or closed the page. This parameter should be ideally zero for a website. In reality, the bounce rate is observed to be a small figure for a successful website carrying out online sale from the online visitors. This figure is achieved to be a minimum when the content on the landing page is more engaging besides being relevant to the user. For example, a video which addresses the problem or the product detail which is relevant to the searched keyword is an engaging content. Graphical content is known to engage an online visitor to a great extent. This can help reduce the bounce rate to an optimum level.
  1. Get More References from other websites/Blogs: Being referred from blogs which host content relevant to the company product/service, increases the visibility of the website, to the search engines by creating an organic back link. When the website is mentioned by many such blogs, the visibility to the search engine is greatly enhanced. This is why hosting company blogs are mandatory when it comes to building organic links. Also, submitting articles to the article directory websites, with valid company website link given for reference is the best way to build organic links and divert online traffic to their website. This kind of link building encourages and enhances the web presence of a company, and hence increases the visibility to the search engine, thereby optimizing the website in a true sense.