Why User Retention & Engagement is important for Websites?

By | June 21, 2018

User Engagement refers to the time the user is investing and engaging with the content of your website and user Retention is the loyalty the user shows towards the website or how many times they return back to website for their future queries. The content of a website is very important as it is the key to making your website stand out. Every person searches the web for solving a specific query he came across. If you can solve his query with a relevant solution as per the user needs then you will solve his valuable problem and this engagement improves your website ranking in Google as well as it makes the user a potential customer for any of his future needs. He will surely trust you for any of his query and would return every time to your website for solving his problem related to the topic. Either it’s a blogging site or it’s an ecommerce site the content of a website has to be clear and user friendly along with a universal approach to it as website can be viewed across the world. So easy language and with a smart vocabulary can be used to easily achieve it. User engagement and retention also helps in managing the bounce rate for you website. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the page after viewing just one page.

user engagement

User Engagement

 Make use of Images

As already described content is the major part of any website and even Google gives a lot of priority to content when ranking them. One of the main parts of the content is image. Images are used to support your content and they validate a certain point visually. When we see something it is easy to remember it. So a visual stimulation either through images or videos and will help in making your content stand out.

Use “Call To Action”

Your website can have lot of pages dedicated to specific niche. The user searches for a query and landed on one of your page. To make a sale you have to provide the user with some relevant information related to the product or services. A user will buy from you if he gets relevant information. This is done by call to action words. A good website always has words like ‘Click here’ or ‘Buy now’. These words impact user subconsciously and pursue him to buy your product or service. For Example- you have a blog post with links to different pages of your website related to the topic.

Make Website Fully Responsive

You never know from which device or browser visitor is going to come. Better be prepared with a responsive website that fits on all devices and browsers. If you use WordPress, use premium themes. Free themes are worthless. While assigning the project to the website designing company, make sure you review their prior work and test previously developed website yourself manually.

User Retention

Brand and customer loyalty

Many companies make hard efforts to build the relationship between the brand and the customer good by providing lot of value than promised. This in return creates brand loyalty and the customer return every time to you to make any purchase. This can be used in websites too if you provide a lot of value to the visitors then they become loyal to the website and will become a regular visitor.

Subscription service or newsletter

Subscription service or newsletters are a strategy website used to retain the customers. The pop-up you get after you visit the website to subscribe to the news letter is a strategy used for marketing the web page or product. From that pop-up they acquire email and will use it for marketing purpose. E-mail marketing is a very common but very effective when it comes to user retention. This is best for retaining the lost customer. This will remind them about the website or the product you are selling. The constant reminder about the website or product will create a space in the user psyche and will later on prove as a valuable asset.