Why Your Business Need an App?

By | August 17, 2018

Emerging smartphone users are driving the global application market. The mobile phone is no longer an ordinary device used for just making calls. They are used for our everyday activity like buying things, reading, clicking a photograph, chatting etc. modern smartphone is very powerful when it comes to features it offers. In this era of internet, the smartphone application market is also growing at a faster rate. Many companies that want to provide their customer with a better and enhanced service utilizes an app for making their customers just a few clicks away from their needs. Right now Android and IOS are driving forces in mobile application industry.

android mobile app

Types of mobile apps

There are three types of mobile apps in the market

  • Native app
  • Web app
  • Hybrid app

Native app

A native app is those apps that are installed in a store like Google Play, Apple Store which we also call Android App or ios App. These apps use the full interface of a mobile device to function. These applications take full advantage of the device and performance. This type of device is specifically designed for a specific platform and requires a developer to develop an app.

Web app

The web app is an app that works on any device that supports the AMP algorithm. Web apps are not a normal application, it is a real website that utilizes the power of Html5 to perform. The user interface of the web app is such that it gives the user an experience of an application without installing it in the device.

Hybrid app

A hybrid app is a hybrid of part native and part web app. This type of app provides its user with an advantage of a native app. This app can utilize various features of the devices and at the same time, it also uses embedded web browser within the app to provide all the application process via the internet.

Why mobile apps?

Stay Connected

Connecting with the customers on a personal level is what most business wants and use of an app makes it simple for the customer to establish such connection.


Branding is very important in mobile apps. It creates an image of the brand and gives an impression of a premium service brand that provides the best service in the market.

Product Awareness

You can provide various information regarding the available product within a few seconds because everyone carries the Smartphone with them in their pocket. Whenever an app sends the customer a notification about the new product launched they can easily get to the new product launched.

Instant Sale

The offers you provide can sometimes become inaccessible to the customers and the customer, as well as the business, cannot utilize the benefit out of it but an application with notification can constantly provide the customer with the offers and the product can be sold instantly.

Grow Your Audience

With application under your brand name, you can also utilize the Smartphone user market for your business. The Smartphone market is a huge and emerging market in the world.

Stay Alive

Staying alive means staying accessible to the users on regular bases. Most Businesses run out of business because they cannot sustain the market and the only way to sustain in this market is providing the customer with constant information and notifications about the events and services you are providing.

Android App or IOS App?

Mobile app is new market in IT industry, so the pricing is still at the peak. An Android app could cost just double of your web project. The question Android App or IOS App comes only when you have limited budget to spend on app. Even if Android is major player in Indian market, IOS with 3.17% share in 2017 is growing faster than before. So when you really have budget constraint, you may go with Android App development for now and get IOS app later.

The app market is a huge potential for a business to grow and make use of every potential resource available to keep sales high. The use of laptops and computers is now declining as Smartphone are easy to handle and offer the same features as a laptop but in a small and compact form. This makes Smartphone a desirable and must for every individual.