What is Google Latest March 2019 Core Update?

By | March 29, 2019

Google is the most used search engine that provides the user with accurate results. To provide the user with the exact information that the user is searching Google uses an algorithm that defined the websites ranking for the specific keywords. Google updates this algorithm to provide the user with better and better results for the keywords. In March 2019, Google released a core update that impacted the SEO and website designing industry.  With this update, some of the websites experienced a big traffic drop whereas, some website traffic spiked up. Google often releases the updates to keep the data refined for the user.

What is Google Update?

Google is an indexing engine that keeps the data of the websites. Whenever a user needs some data, Google accesses the indexed data and presents the data in order. This order is decided by the Ranking factor that is controlled by the Google algorithm. The higher the website for a search term the better the website traffic will be. So any update to the Google algorithm will impact various website performances. A Google Update is the change of an algorithm that provides the user with more accurate search results.

Difference Between Update and Core Update

Google releases two different types of update a normal update and a core update. A normal update is an additional update to the core algorithm where the quality of the algorithm is improved to provide the most accurate answer to the search terms. A Core Update is the change or replacing of an algorithm to refine the search and provide a better ranking factor. All the update released by Google primary focus is to provide the user with the best information and relevant to their search.

How Updates Impacts website Performance?

Google updates impact the website performance hugely as the most used search engine is Google so any change to the Google algorithm will impact the website performance. Since the updates are targeted to provide the most accurate information to the user, therefore, keeping your website information up to date and accurate will help you to cope up with the Google Updates. Those websites that exploit the website SEO experiences the traffic drop due to the Google update.

How Google Latest March 2019 Core Update Impacted?

The latest update by Google is focused more on the user and the ability of the Google algorithm to solve the query of the user. For example – when a user searches for a term and clicks on the first link was not useful to him so he searched the term again. This is called bounce rate does it mean that the website is useless. The answer is no, It only means that the algorithm is failing. People liking your website decides whether you will rank higher in the search for the keywords or not. Click through rate is not the only factor for determining whether people like your website or not. User Satisfaction is what Google directs the website algorithm and provide the user with the best information he needs.