Top 5 Free Content Management Systems for Your Website

By | January 16, 2019

It is very difficult for a non-technical person to manage the content of a website as it requires editing of the codes and for even adding a new page you have to start the coding from scratch. This problem can be solved by using a CMS system which integrates with your website server and provides a system that is user friendly and can be used by a non-technical person.

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What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System which manages your website content. A CMS help a person who does not have coding knowledge to create the website content using a user friendly interface. All the websites uses some kind of CMS to make the data visually customizable for a non-technical person. It saves cost and time of the website development. It is a framework that can helps the user to start developing the website instantly instead of stating it from scratch which involves complex coding. Below is the list of most popular CMS that uses PHP language for development and most popular among them being WordPress and also recommended-


WordPress is a fee and open-Source content management system that uses PHP and MySQL. It is the most used CMS for any website need with 18 million installations. WordPress shares 59.4% of the market shares which is a huge in comparison to the second most popular CMS Joomla with just 6% market share. Apart from it being most used CMS for website development it also provides a huge plug-in support with 44,622 plugins with over a billion downloads. WordPress is also considered SEO friendly. After concluding the hefty numbers, it is very convincing to use WordPress for your website development.  Wordpress can be used to build any type of website like business website, blogging website etc.


Magento is another open-source CMS that focuses on the ecommerce websites. Magento is a platform used by many ecommerce websites to sell their product. It is a very easy CMS to integrate and best for adding and managing the inventory. It also provides support to the Billing and shipping methods used to manage your customers. You can easily manage the website and can easily add product and listing because of it user friendliness. Magento also offers it users with over 1000s of free and premium plugins that can add different features to your website.


Joomla is free and open-source CMS platform for developing your website and it uses PHP language with MySQL, MS SQL or Postgre SQL for database management. It is second most used content management system after WordPress. Joomla and WordPress when compared both the complex CMS offers some ups and downs. Like WordPress Joomla also offers the users to install plugins or extensions to integrate different features.


Drupal is another free and open-source website CMS that uses PHP as a server side language. It is similar to Joomla and WordPress. It offers same features like them with plugins or in Drupal terms Modules and theme for customization. What makes Drupal unique is that it can be used for any kind of website like ecommerce website, product display website etc.


ImpressCMS is another CMS that is similar to the WordPress based on PHP. It is not popular like WordPress but still is impressive use. It is not used by many website but still works good and if you do not want to the CMS which is used by everyone then ImpressCMS is for you. It provides a simple to use interface and features to facilitate the website development.