How to Never Get Penalized by Google

By | October 16, 2018

There is one thigh that most SEO ignores and that is the most important part for ranking higher in the searches. That thing is ‘User-Oriented Signals’. Now, what do you mean by User-Oriented Signals? The user-oriented signals are the signals you get when you analyze your data that you get from your website analytics. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that helps you understand what makes your customers click. Google doesn’t put the website with best On-page SEO at the top but it put that website that is a user-oriented meaning website that people love visiting.

The factor that Google uses to analyze a website is-

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can be defined as the percentage of a number of visitors that visits a web page and leaves the page after viewing only one page. The bounce rate of 27% – 70% is the golden number that a website should maintain anything higher will be suspicious for Google. A higher bounce rate will be treated as a Spam website and can be penalized because Google bot will consider irrelevant to the user query and will assume it as a scam to make money.

Mobile Friendliness

About 60% of all web search traffic comes from Mobile Devices and hence the websites with their web page optimized for the mobile devices comes under Google’s good books. It is not necessary for you to have a separate dedicated website for mobile devices instead you can have responsive websites that work on every device and screen size.

Average Load Time

Average Load Time is the amount of time a web browser takes to load a web page. This is very crucial because if a website delays by 1-2 seconds then the website losses a huge amount of revenue every year. Google also loves websites that load faster because a user is very impatient hence making your website faster will help your website.

Repeated visitors

Repeated Visitors are those visitors who are visiting the website again. When these visitors visit the website then the Google will assume it as a loyal visitor and make the website content more credible and a credible content is always the best information that Google can provide to their users.


Branding is important when you are having a business. It is a name that represents you and your business. The search queries are brand related queries then Google assumes it a very credible website in another word when brand queries have Higher Click through Rate. There is a simple formula when it comes to being No. 1 on Google and that is Building your Brand.

Average Time on Site

The average time a user spends in the website can be a defining factor for your website performance as this determines whether your content is useful enough for your visitor. On average a 2-minute engagement on the website is enough for you to expect something good.

To keep these factors in check is a challenging thing and required a constant work and it becomes tough for a business to handle the task when already handling their main business. so, to maintain your ranking you need an outsourcing SEO Company that can handle the task for you. A good SEO Company will always make sure that you rank higher in the keywords that can bring a quality business to your doorsteps in an organic way.