How to Engage Your Social Media Followers

By | November 16, 2018

Social Media started with an idea to connect two people through a medium of internet regardless of the distance. This idea of connecting people evolved and transformed into what we now see as a backbone of the internet world. Every person who has an access to the internet has an account with some kind of Social Media. Social Media is an integral part of our society and the user base of the Social Platforms usually crosses the overall population of a country. Social Media Platform uses Photo, Video, Post, Status and another innovative way to engage the users.

Social Media Engagement

History and Evolution

It all started in the year 1997, Six Degrees which is considered to be the first modern Social Media website. It allowed the user to create a profile and become friends with other users. The Social Media started with an idea to allow the user to share post and thoughts with the other users later this evolved and is used to share a photo, video, status etc. with the users and most businesses use the social media to make their brand familiar to the customers.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media poses a major impact on people’s lives as on average a person spends 3 hours on social media per day. These 3 hours can be crucial for a business to make their best impression of their brand. Social Media is the best platform for a business to create brand awareness and brand image. In this fast-moving world, there is very little time to make an impression in someone mind so these fractions of second should be utilized. Engagement can be initiated easily by creating a user-oriented content which serves the purpose of the customer. There are few methods that can be used to engage the customer on Social Media-

Viral Content

Viral Content is a content that is shared with many users due to its unique content, the content can be negative or positive but the main thing is it should impact a person on an emotional level. Viral Content engages a viewer due to its controversial nature or it’s emotional. To generate a Viral Content the business must induce some psychology and create a content that can change people life by improving them and providing a satisfying feel.

Promote Your Brand

You can promote your brand by asking the customer to post a picture of them while using your product and use the hashtag with your brand name which you can repost in your social media handle. This is a most used way from promoting your brand. Business often uses this method and become viral, they usually contact digital influencer and use their follower base to reach out to the customer for which influencer get paid.

Be Responsive to your Audience

Responding to the customer with the solution to the problem is very important, what’s even more important is doing it on time. It is common for the business to encounter some customers who have an issue when using your product and Social Media has grown such rapidly that now people turn to social media for solving their issue. As a brand, it is your responsibility to make your customer’s issue resolved as soon as possible.

Regular Post

Regular post about your business, achievement, photos and other stuff related to your business can make your brand remembered by your follower. Similarly, you can gain visitors from that website to your own website. The content can be anything but should be engaging and pass some value to the user.